My Favourites

  • Volunteering with families and children

Hi I'm Jackie Coyle, I volunteer for My Options at The Hub in Horsehay. I run craft sessions with small groups of customers. When I have time I also volunteer at Blists Hill.

Volunteering gives you opportunities to work with organisations that are of interest to you or that you feel are important. When trying to return to work after many years caring for children and a young adult I found I had very low self- confidence. Volunteering helped me to get out of the house, meet people, gain new skills and gave me a sense of purpose and improved my confidence. Volunteering at Blists Hill and previously at Shrewsbury Museum enabled me to help promote and support local history which is very important to me. Volunteering at The Hub gives me great pride as I feel I am supporting people to develop usable skills whilst encouraging their enjoyment of art and crafts. I get so much enjoyment from the customers there and have learnt a lot of new people skills. It also helps me to think about things and how to approach tasks from other people’s perspective.

Volunteering improves my skills and self-confidence. It gives me time with people I may not have met. It gives me the chance to work in places and doing roles that I would like to have as employment but probably would never have the chance to.